Text Adventure Mysteries on NABU, custom computer from the 80s in Ottawa

This is a fascinating thread about a Z80 machine with software streamed via a cable TV signal in Ottawa…


It took a bit of digging for me to understand what’s going on here. i.e. The Twitter guy doesn’t provide enough context. Then I read this hackaday page:

NABU PC – A 1984 Z-80 Computer You Can Buy Today | Hackaday.

and probably most importantly, visited the page that’s hosting the reborn NABU network:

I’m sort of surprised the machines appear to be working fine after 40 years! I’m not a hardware expert, but I suppose it’s because they haven’t been turned on until now? I mean, I’m in some vintage Apple II circles, and these people now have to spend 3/4 of their lives replacing power supplies and chips and capacitors that have blown – ESPECIALLY the power supplies. Every Apple II that’s been used, they recommend you replace the power supply before you do anything else with it.