Text Adventure Literacy Jam 2024 games released for playing and judging

Text Adventure Literacy Jam 2024 is now in full swing. We had a record number of registrations this year, but only 10 games were submitted by the deadline.

The games submitted were:

This year’s competition had an optional theme of ‘Fairy tale’ and it looks like most games have been influenced by this, together with Japanese mythology, Greek mythology, Arthurian legends and nursery rhymes. It’s nice to see that six of the games are written by first-time authors, but you wouldn’t know it from the quality of the games.

Just to refresh your memory, the Text Adventure Literacy Jam promotes games that are suitable for beginners and include a tutorial. This is a competition, not a jam, and relies on all you wonderful people out there to play and rate the games. Ratings are 1 to 5 stars for each of:

  • Story (plot, goal, prologue, atmosphere, gradual revealing of story, conclusion)
  • Writing (clarity, spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalisation)
  • Puzzles (originality, fairness, consistency with the game setting)
  • Implementation (technical aspects, lack of bugs, responses to unanticipated commands)
  • Tutorial
  • Documentation (any external instructions, game page, feelies)

Please support all the authors who have sweated and toiled over these games for the past few months by playing and rating their games. You can see all the submissions here.

EDIT: Author for ‘A Princess Saves a Dragon’ updated. Reference to possible late entry deleted, as author was not able to finish it on time.

EDIT 2: Author for ‘Camelot Jack’ updated.