Text Adventure Literacy Jam 2023 one week until voting ends

As I write this, there’s just one week left until voting closes in Text Adventure Literacy Jam 2023. There are only nine games to play, all are fairly small (maybe one or two hours to play) and all are written for beginners to text adventures. So, if you haven’t played the games yet, pop over to the jam page, click on the Submissions tab, then play and rate those games before 30 June 2023. They are mostly really nice games, so you won’t be disappointed.

All games currently have 10 to 12 ratings. Can we get to 20 ratings per game in the last week? I certainly hope so.


The range is now 11 to 14! 114 total ratings. Geez, so many 1’s and 4’s in there.

180 (20 per) would be awesome but I’d think 140 total ratings would be a really good haul. It would (to me) be even with when we had 16 entries in terms of participation. Since we got 173 one year, that’d be a neat goal, too. 140 would require 3 more people to rate everything.

I got 140 just by calculating (total ratings) / (square root of number of games) – which is sort of arbitrary, but I think it sort of accounts for how each additional game makes it harder to review the whole collection and more likely someone will get exhausted before they do.

2 1/2 more days! Folks, remember, voting closes at 11:59 PM Greenwich Mean Time, so if you’re in the US, Friday night will be too late to vote, as the deadline stands.


Just a friendly reminder for any last minute folks, TALJ has 45 minutes left for voting. So, if you’ve played any entries and haven’t gotten around to voting yet, it’s now or never. :grin:


And results are up! (Yeah, I was kind of waiting.)

I’ll let the organizers do the big blurbs but I do want to remark that a score of 3.51 for 6th place of 9 indicates a strong competition. 146 total votes for 9 entries (16.2 per) also is quite good.


Announcement pending

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