Text Adventure Facebook Apps

Has anyone created an IF/TA Facebook game? It seems like that would be a natural, no-brainer kind of idea, for a small game. I’d mess with it…I’m on FB a lot.

I’m working on it. I have the technology and some of the FBML integration completed. I had planned on releasing existing games, but am now thinking that an original, Facebook specific title would be better.

It’s going to take some time to get there.

Stay tuned.

David C.

FBML has been deprecated; in June, FBML apps will no longer work, as all FBML endpoints will be removed. developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/fbml/

You could argue that fallenlondon.com/ (formerly Echo Bazaar) is an IF Facebook game. (And Twitter.)

It would be a matter of minutes to host a Parchment game as a Canvas app on Facebook.com. developers.facebook.com/docs/guides/canvas/

But it would just be a Parchment game on Facebook.com; it wouldn’t use any social features in particular.

What social features are you imagining the IF would use?

For example, Facebook allows you to send invitations and requests to friends. But, invite them to what? Request them to what?

You could certainly use it to share achievements in individual Facebook games, but that aspect is probably the least exciting integration on Facebook.

If you were building a game like Zynga’s, you’d only be able to take a few turns at a time without interacting with friends, or paying. Some puzzles couldn’t be solved without receiving a “gift” from a friend. Is that what you had in mind?

Too funny. I actually have been using the JavaScript SDK but everytime I looked for docs I saw FBML examples too. I thought I’d need to backtrack to do FBML stuff to complete my integration. Apparently not. This is a relief.

David C.

The friend lists and relationship status. My idea is to use real names in place of characters of a game, making the story seem more like a play on someone’s real-life. I have a list of types of interactions that would be uniquely useful in this scenario.

David C.

Oh, I dunno. Invite friends to unlock hints? Share hints with friends? Share items with friends?