Testing the use of Twine for Bible study

I have been an avid user of both TiddlyWiki and Obsidian for tracking daily work and maintaining knowledge bases. I have a 45 megabyte TiddlyWiki file which is still fast and stable. I was curious how Twine would react to lots of passages so I wrote a small script to convert a text version of the Bible into twee format and imported it. The only thing missing is the ability to search across passages. But, I don’t see where anyone has accomplished that. I used Harlowe 3.x format and the resulting file is about 5 megabytes in size.


Harlowe supports searching its passages…

(passages: where its name contains "Corinthians")


You can search the source field, but I suspect this would be unrendered text (even Harlowe specific passage code, like links, will create matches). You might want to have a copy of the searchable text in a (metadata:) macro with each passage and search just that. In fact, to reduce text duplication, you could make the metadata at the top of the passage, then put all your fancy Harlowe stuff and output that searchable metadata with a single (metadata:) macro call in the proper spot of the passage where the reader will see it.


I’m kind of talking out of my butt because I haven’t done that sort of stuff before in Harlowe, but I hope that points you in the right direction.

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Thanks for the update. I happened to be reading up on Twine more last week and ran across passages: and have since incorporated it for a basic search mechanism. I was happy to see that through fairly simple code all the story text is searchable. I just missed it earlier as I was looking for something named find: or search:.