Testing Hugor video support (Linux)

Hugor, the multimedia Hugo interpreter, now supports video. Linux-only for the time being. If anyone is interested, please give it a few test runs:

foss.aegean.gr/~realnc/hugor/tes … ux.tar.bz2

See the included “README.linux-bin” file for information on how to run this.

You can test the video support by running Kent Tessman’s “Future Boy” in it. If you don’t have the full commercial version of it, the demo version will do, which can be downloaded from the IF Archive:

ifarchive.org/if-archive/gam … y_demo.zip

For completeness, I’ve also uploaded Windows and Mac versions (although without video support):

foss.aegean.gr/~realnc/hugor/tes … 12-w32.zip

(Intel Mac OS X 10.5 and newer)
foss.aegean.gr/~realnc/hugor/tes … -intel.dmg

(PowerPC Mac OS X 10.5)
foss.aegean.gr/~realnc/hugor/tes … 12-ppc.dmg

I am aware of the visual glitch in the Mac version, where the screen background turns blue while the game file selection dialog is displayed. If you find anything else wrong, please do mention it!

Oops, wrong section. If a mod could move this thread to the “General: Interpreters, Add-Ons, and Tools” section, that would be nice.

It works well, including the video in the Future Boy demo.

It appears to be incompatible with game files built with the Linux version of the Hugo compiler. At least, the latest version of my five-minute game “Waiting for The End” won’t run in this version of Hugor, with the error message “Hugo Compiler v3.1 or later required.” The compiler version I used is apparently 3.1.03.

Hm, that shouldn’t happen. Hugor uses the 3.1.03 engine. Which compiler package are you using? (Meaning, which file did you download and from where.)

ifarchive.org/if-archive/pro … nux.tar.gz

It must have been some corruption with that gamefile, though. I can compile the example game “anne.hug” and run it in this version of Hugor. Actually, I’m 99% sure that that build of “waiting” is corrupt, because the file size is weird. Sorry, I didn’t notice that before I posted.