Testing an Å-machine interpreter

Let’s say I’m writing an Å-machine interpreter. Is there something akin to glulxercice for Glulx to test every opcode?

If not, any suggestion for a story file (maybe along a list of commands) that could make a good test case?



First to say that’s an excellent idea!
Second to say, as far as I know there is nothing out like glulxercice. If you’re aiming for that you should try to write directly to Linus.
If I can help with a command list or anything else, please let me know.

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I would have believed that the creator of Dialog did have something to test his own JavaScript and C64 implementations. But since he not active on the forum right now, it may indeed be better to contact him directly.

Regarding writing a equivalent to glulxercice: since Dialog is not low-level enough, we would need to write bytecode or assembly directly (I guess there’s an assembler somewhere in dialogc). But I’m not enough familiar with the Å-machine internals to do that.

I was just throwing the idea for the moment. I’ll report back when I’ll really need testing an interpreter.