Testing a new I7 extension? (people-recognition)

I’ve been tinkering with an extension, and I’m not sure how to get help making it better, more general purpose, and more bullet-proof.

One of my gripes with IF is that often you’ll walk into a new place, and see something like “Bob is here”, despite never having met Bob. The extension ‘fixes’ this by providing stock descriptions for unrecognized people, an action to introduce people to other people, a way to address unknown people, and a relation for tracing who recognizes whom.

So–should I just release the untested morass on the unsuspecting folks here? Or is there some other way to get feedback on it, and possibly help on solving the more thorny edge cases?


  • Alex

You could ask for beta testers and PM or email the extension to them privately if you want. I personally chose to upload my I6 extension-in-progress as an attachment to a forum thread for feedback, and I haven’t (yet) heard any complaints about my having done that.

All that aside, I’m interested in the modeling NPC knowledge aspect of your “who recognizes whom” relation. Some fun puzzles could come out of this, like the player having to convince NPC A that NPC B is really NPC C by getting NPC D, who is trusted by NPC A, to tell them that.

Thanks. Would you be interested in being a beta tester?

Interesting thought on the puzzle aspect. In the current implementation, people either know “the truth” about who someone is, or don’t know anything; a more complex relation would involve who X thinks Y really is…along with the necessary pieces to convince people of such things.

Sure. Check your PMs.