Testers wanted for small, weird parser game


It’s been a while, but I made a game and I suppose now I have to get people to test it?!

Game Type
A small (but maybe not that small) parser game with a limited set of commands. :keyboard:

Story Type
A non-human protagonist searches a strange land for the one who crossed her, motivated by her love for a dying slime. :broken_heart:

Gimmick Type
I am very much back on my bullshit when it comes to not using compass directions. :compass:

Difficulty Type
Not intended to be very difficult, but it may take some getting used to. There are hints. :innocent:

Content Type
Some violence (not described in detail), fantasy discrimination, suggestive themes I guess?! :scream:

File Type
At this point you’ll need something that can run a .z5 file (the final release will include a web version). :floppy_disk:

Contact Type
Send an email to me at cejpacian@gmail.com saying who your favourite android or synthetic human character is in any work of fiction. :robot:


I rather prefer exploration than a complex story, so I have no preference about human, robot, android or syntethic human. In this case I prefer a syntethic human for its novelty.