Testers wanted for large PunyInform (Inform 6) old school comedy puzzler

Testers sought for my first game, called Dorm: Adventure at the 8-Bit Assembly.

It’s a comedy puzzler very much in the vein of old school IF except without a maze. It’s about attending a retro-computer conference styled after KansasFest, with the addition of magic and danger. And pirates, because everything’s better with pirates.

The game is available as both a .z3 file for modern interpreters and as an Apple II disk image. The game comes with feelies.

This is a relatively large game for PunyInform (70 rooms). It’s not intended to be a cruel game and there should be no “walking death” states. But you can die in game so saving is advised.

If you listen to the podcast Eaten By A Grue, this is the game I’ve been creating for my co-host Kay Savetz.

PM me for a link to the beta site.


Thanks to everyone who has responded. I believe I have enough testers now.

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