Testers Required For "FINN'S BIG ADVENTURE" (ADRIFT)

Playtesters are required for my new game “Finn’s Big Adventure”. In this game you play the part of a 6 year old boy who has discovered that there are hidden catacombs below the castle in which he lives and he resolves to find and explore these catacombs. Little does he realise that beyond these catacombs lie 3 islands that just beg to be explored!

PLEASE NOTE: This game is very much “old school” and involves the player having to SEARCH objects and LOOK UNDER and BEHIND objects, etc, in order to discover others. If you do not like this sort of gameplay then it’s not worth you volunteering.

Apart from Windows players I will be optimising a version for playing on MacO/s machines using FrankenDrift and the game can also be played on Android smartphones using Fabularium.

If you would like to playtest FINN’S BIG ADVENTURE please send me a PM.

Many thanks for reading this.

Larry Horsfield