Testers for Escape game

I wrote a game that I want to enter in The Spring Thing or IFComp. It has already been tested by 3 members of this great forum and now that I consider it ready I would like 2 or 3 additional testers.
It’s an escape game with about 25 locations and an npc, so it’s not very large. I think it has some nice puzzles and I spent time to make the game also responsive outside the happy flow.

It’s written in my home made authoring system. Testers will get a storyfile and an interpreter executable. If you prefer to build the executable yourself, you can also have the interpreter sources and a makefile.
If you would like to test, drop me a PM and I’ll send the storyfile and the interpreter. Do not forget to state the OS you’re on, I have Windows, Linux and macOS.

Oh, and if you test my game, I’ll test yours.

This is a transcript from the opening scene.

XVAN transcript for: Escape!
version: 1.13


You shouldn’t have clicked on that link…

The mail only contained a link. The sender was “the dev team”.

You don’t know any dev team. All alarm bells should have gone off. But you
clicked on that link.

And now look where it got you…

Hit a key…

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Nobody interested?

I hope someone wants to give it a try.

Hi Marnix!

I’m from Spain, with a “not very high” English level, but if you need this kind of beta tester i will be glad to help :slight_smile:

Hi Parser Commander,

Thank you for your offer, I appreciated it.

I’m not a native speaker too :slight_smile:

Let me know what OS you’re on and I will send you the game file and interpreter.

Best regards,

Windows user here! :slight_smile:

Hey, I am not playing something at the moment, so I will be happy to test your game.

I am a MacOS user. Please send me explicit directions on how to run it, because I am not super experienced with interpreters…

I got quite some feedback from the testers. By now I consider the game ready to enter it in The Spring Thing.

As there is some time left, if someone would be willing to give the final version a try, I’d be much obliged.