Testers for a new IF I have written?

Hey guys, I need testers for bugs and flaws in my new story, ‘Parallel’ I wrote.
I need to know how to get it onto the IFDB so that people can play it, too.
Any takers?

To add your game to the IFDB, go here-> http://ifdb.tads.org/editgame?id=new

You can also request beta testers here-> http://if.game-testing.org/

Thanks heaps man. I did find the archive upload just after making this post, but I wasn’t sure whether to upload or not.
Appreciate it! :slight_smile:

If your game hasn’t yet been beta-tested, I would recommend not uploading it yet. Testers always find stuff that you failed to notice.

I agree, thanks :slight_smile:

I’d test, assuming it’s z-machine. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have a terp for it.