Tester Needed for A Logic Puzzle

If I can work out a good design for this one puzzle, I might actually dig in and finish my too-large WIP (the long-awaited [or not] sequel to “Not Just an Ordinary Ballerina”). I’ve been stalled out on the game for three months, mainly because I was baffling myself. I think maybe I’ve finally simplified the design of this puzzle enough to have nailed it, but I’m not sure.

What I need is someone to look at the puzzle (I’ll supply the relevant text) and see if you can deduce the solution. If I’ve bollixed it up and the solution can’t be found using the available text, I’ll need to revise further.

Be warned: It’s one of those logic puzzles where you encounter five guys (the canonical Al, Bob, Chuck, Dave, and Ed) and have to figure out who is who and which of them is telling the truth. If you’ve ever worked that kind of puzzle, it may actually be pretty easy.

Please PM me if you have time to look at it.

It’s taken care of. Thanks to the early responders!