Temple of Shorgil - author's note

I’m not going to do a long postmortem or dev notes, partly because I want to avoid spoilers. If anyone has any questions about process, what something “means”, or if you just want a hint, I hope you’ll send me an email. (I think I’ve mentioned to other authors, I wish I got more player emails!) It’s a_dibianca at yahoo.

I will mention one thing, which is a light spoiler:

[spoiler]The game involves clues in brief passages from the “legend”, and these passages are supposed to be written in an ancient Pirothian language. I wanted to sustain the idea that the clues could really survive translation from Pirothian to English, so I decided early on to avoid any wordplay. (No homophones, anagrams, picking letters out of words, anything like that.) That made some of the later puzzles harder to construct – wordplay could have been useful.

The only thing approaching wordplay, I think, is the chamber where you combine parts of a sentence. But I figured, a lot of languages have a subject/predicate structure sufficiently similar to English.

The upside: it makes it easier to translate the game to other languages![/spoiler]