Technical Issue with Emily Short's Glulx Entry Points

Hi all. Newbie returning with technical setup questions before I get too far into my game.

I’ve just begun installing some extensions, but I’m having a problem.

I’m trying to get my extensions to work. Version 10/160919 of Glulx Entry Points by Emily Short is the root of an issue (the game works with every extension except for this one except for Simple Graphical Window), but I’m pretty new to Inform and I’m having a tough time figuring it out.

Inform tells me the issue is:

In Section - Event Handling in the extension Glulx Entry Points by Emily Short:

Problem. You wrote ‘The glulx input handling rules have outcomes replace player input (success) and require input to continue (success)’ : but this looked to me as if it might be trying to create something which has certain properties, and that made no sense on investigation.

I’ve tried deleting and altering the line. It only makes the issue worse. I’ve tried other versions of entry points as well, but this also isn’t working.

These are the extensions I’m using. Ostensibly, they should work with entry points:

Include Menus by Emily Short

Include Epistemology by Eric Eve

Include Real-Time Delays by Erik Temple

Include Rewrite the Command Line by Ron Newcomb

Include Glulx Text Effects by Emily Short

Include Punctuation Removal by Emily Short

Include Text Capture by Eric Eve

Include Simple Graphical Window by Emily Short

Out of all of these extensions, only Simple Graphical Window calls for Entry Points to be used.

Anybody else ever have this issue? Any ideas for a fix?

I guess I could just not use Graphical Window, but I love the ability to change the color of my text and background of my game.

Version 10/160919 of Glulx Entry Points isn’t from the Public Extension Library - that’s from I think. As the README for that page says, “Here you’ll find many Inform 7 extensions – some are ready for public use, others are barely working experiments”. Unless you have a specific reason for it, you’re usually better off with the versions of extensions in the Public Extension Library (“Public Library” on the “Extensions” tab in the front-end).

Cool, thank you! Didn’t know that before, and now I do!