Tech question for Zarf and/or PC users (PS I know Zarf is not a PC user)

So I’m doing the Lectrote-bundling thing on PC.

There are two weird things. Using the built app’s ‘View cover art’ option shows the default brown graphic. I know that the real graphic is in the gblorb because if I drop the gblorb in Lectrote and ask to view cover art there, it shows it.

The other thing is, the built app always defaults to an 600 x 800 main window. I don’t know where it’s getting this from, because in main.js I specify an 1100 x 800 window, and all other mods I’ve made in main.js are being respected. If I manually change the windows size by dragging during play, that’s remembered until I trash the app’s preferences (in Roaming folder) and then it snaps back to 600 x 800 at the next boot.

The PC users part is… where else should I look for any caches or prefs that might be retained by an app? I found an app-named folder in my user folder - AppData - Roaming. Might there be any others hanging around? I wondered if they could be responsible for either the brown cover art (because I built the game with brown cover art in the past) or the window size disobedience.


Okay, I’ve found there are problems with the PC build script. It does some pretty weird stuff in terms of where it looks for things and where it writes to. I think I only ever got the first build by a fluke. It’s been looking in an old temp app folder for bits and pieces ever since. This is the cause of the window size problem and it may be the cause of the brown graphic problem.

If anybody wants to investigate the logic of this script (I applied David Cornelson’s syntactical hacks to it to make it work on PC at all), it’s attached as text:

wademakedist.txt (13.6 KB)


The answer to your question may be “delete the tempapp directory before doing your final build”? It’s been a while since I looked at it.

Yes, as this script is, it’s definitely related to the tempapp directory. In good news, I managed to keep moving things around last night until I got a build. But it is certainly a PITA, and may requiring such moving and re-moving each time. I also have to work out what I actually did that worked :slight_smile:

Observation / ungrounded musing section: If I actually delete tempapp, the script doesn’t proceed (the error message says it was looking for package.json in tempapp). The folder I specify with --game is also being used the way the tempapp folder is used (but healthily, there) on the Mac, with things being written to it in the process. Which makes a mess of that folder. I saw a copy of the game made with telescoped copies of the game-specific content in it: i.e. output folder contains material twiddled for the game, and a resource folder containing more resources containing another folder containing the original game-specific material. So the targeting is all yucked up. I tried it without David’s few lines changing to the temp-app targeting but then it just created Lectrote instead of the game.