Tech Preview: 3D Experience for Sierra-style AGI Graphics (Jaw-dropping Demo Video)

Highly recommend clicking through to watch the short tech demo video:

Also, the author is planning on making the tools open source:

He even separately implemented voice recognition (again, recommend watching very short tech demo video):

Honestly, the beautiful UI could spark a small renaissance of parser-based graphical text adventures.


Thanks for the share.

I wasn’t sure what ‘3D’ would mean, but I was (degree of ‘blown away’ just a little below ‘blown away’, but pretty close to it) by that Police Quest demonstration.

Here’s my bias – I can’t stand any one of those games except the first King’s Quest. I hope the tool might eventually be used to create something new.


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I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of Police Quest either, but I can see some interesting possibilities with the tech. I feel like it is more engaging that the static 2D screens and could work as fun tool for future parser games.