Tech Preview: 3D Experience for Sierra-style AGI Graphics (Jaw-dropping Demo Video)

Highly recommend clicking through to watch the short tech demo video:

Also, the author is planning on making the tools open source:

He even separately implemented voice recognition (again, recommend watching very short tech demo video):

Honestly, the beautiful UI could spark a small renaissance of parser-based graphical text adventures.


Thanks for the share.

I wasn’t sure what ‘3D’ would mean, but I was (degree of ‘blown away’ just a little below ‘blown away’, but pretty close to it) by that Police Quest demonstration.

Here’s my bias – I can’t stand any one of those games except the first King’s Quest. I hope the tool might eventually be used to create something new.


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I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of Police Quest either, but I can see some interesting possibilities with the tech. I feel like it is more engaging that the static 2D screens and could work as fun tool for future parser games.

As mentioned before, the author was working to make an open source tool for this.

Well, it’s now officially available for anyone to use:

Oh, and if anyone wants to give this a try, Enclosure 3-D is a free adventure game developed using RVX 3D engine.

Here’s a trailer:

You play as Mike Goodman, a small-time con man who, after yet another night of bad business, gets an offer he just can’t refuse. The next day you find yourself joining a party of 10 professionals embarking on a mission to uncover the secrets of an abandoned arctic base.

Enclosure is a text-parser graphic adventure game inspired by classics of the genre and horror movies of the 80s. You control Mike by moving him around and issuing commands via keyboard. You explore and interact with the environment, talk to your fellow party members and solve adventure game-style puzzles on the way.

Enclosure 3-D is a modern remaster of the game Enclosure originally released in 2004. The graphics have been remodeled in 3D while preserving the pixel art look of the game, and a completely new soundtrack has been composed. You can switch between original and remastered graphics by using F2 in the game.

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