Teamwork with twine

I am new to twine. I like the tool. How can we work as a team on a twine story? I have a story stored on my mac now and I can edit it with the mac app. I know that there is an online version, but I did not find any option to share my work with my colleagues. I can only publish. But I need them to edit, because I create the structure and others should be able to add text or change the text. How can we do that? Thank you very much for your help!

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The Twine 2.x application is designed for a single individual to work on a project, it’s not designed to be used to collaborate with other people on a project. Which is why you need to use techniques like passing a ‘published’ file around to fake such collaboration, but you need to make sure only one person at a time is editing it because the application itself (1) has no means to combine changes made by multiple people together to form a ‘master’ project.

The web-browser based release of the Twine 2.x application stores the data of a project within the local storage are of the web-browser being used to edit the project, and no part of a project is stored on web-server being used to host a copy of that release on the Twine web-site. Which is why you’re not able to ‘share’ a project being edited by that hosted copy.

Generally people who want to collaborate on a Twine project will switch their Twine 2.x application based project to being a TWEE Notation based one, and use their favourite Text Editor combined with a TWEE compiler (like TweeGo) to edit and ‘publish’ their project. And used Version Control System (like Git) and a hosted repository (like GitHub) to allow the team to collaborate.

(1) there are third party tools that can be used to either:

  1. combine the Passages contained in multiple ‘published’ HTML together to form a singled project containing all the Passage.
  2. version control the ‘published’ HTML file so that a ‘master’ copy of the project can be maintained.
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Hi @Greyelf, thank you very much for your in depth explanation, although it is not exactly what I wanted to hear :wink:
I suppose we need in depth knowledge of server setup, the language itself etc. So that definitely ends up in additional work which we actually wanted to spend on developing the story. Which other tools would you suggest for our purpose? I love twine, but maybe I can fall in love with another tool too, since our partnership started only yesterday…

Could a virtual office work?

Edit: nevermind my reply. I was too rushed and did not read @Greyelf reply in full. :sweat_smile:

There’s a way, if you forgo using the twine editor.

You write using the twee notation which allows you to write twine games in plain text, with any plain text editor.

I strongly suggest VS Code which has a plug-in for working with twee files.

Then, you can use git to allow collaborative work with a team. That’s how software developers collaborate with each other in big code bases.

Finally, you can use Tweego, a command line app, to compile your game.

The downside is that it is not straight-forward to set up your development environment if you’re not familiar with these technologies. I don’t know if there’s an easy to follow guide somewhere.

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thank you @thornekin Joakin also for your help! I will consider the proposals - as they match so nicely :slight_smile: ! Since the tech team is going to use unity, we will have github or something similar anyway. Now we will get into touch with it in an earlier phase of the project. maybe laborious :wink: but might be worth the effort…

you mean google docs, ms one drive…? I read about it, but also that there may be some syncing issues. twine is not really talkative when it comes to file handling…

I’m not sure how to say in English what I really mean. I’ll give a try.

At work we each have a computer, but the society also have set a virtual computer. This virtual computer basically allows to pay licensed applications only once, but everybody can use these applications.

It also allows to store big databases at one place.

Since you mentioned that your team will use Unity (or collaborate with people who do so), do you have a plan on how to integrate Twine with Unity?

I’m just asking because, if you’re going the pure text route for editing anyway, and thus forgoing the nice graph display of the story in the Twine editor application, you could also consider as an alternative using the “Ink” language, which (as far as I know) has a bit “tighter” (well-working, proven) integration with Unity.

Links: ink - inkle's narrative scripting language and Ink Unity Integration | Integration | Unity Asset Store (free)

(Don’t get me wrong, Twine is cool, I’m not trying to disparage it or dissuade you from it, just wanted to mention a popular option in connection with Unity.)

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I see @thornekin already mentioned Visual Studio Code and the Twee3 Language Tools plug-in, but I think it’s worth mentioning that it does have a rudimentary story graph view, so you may not have to completely give up the graphical part.


The previously mentioned Twee 3 Language Tools extension for the free VSCode Text Editor includes a story-map view feature, so you don’t necessarily need to forgo “the nice graph display” when working on a TWEE Notation based project.


By the way, if you want to learn git in an interactive way there’s this tutorial:

Thank you! Ink is on our short list as well. And we will definitely give it a try. Your input is highly welcome.

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hi @Greyelf, hi @JoshGrams - can you post screenshots as examples for this integrated version?

If you follow either of the links that we gave there’s one screenshot, at least, and a description of the controls