Teaching Inform7

I got asked by a local learning center to teach a summer coding class for middle schoolers. So I introduced Inform7 to the small group and they took to it pretty quickly. At the end of a three day period everyone had a basic working game and for the last hour play tested for each other. Pretty cool.
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Y’all look like the cast of Stranger Things: The Next Generation. Sad there’s no girls. I guess coding is still considered a boy thing?

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Stranger Things: Informageddon! :stuck_out_tongue:

No girls signed up. But I had two different girls they gave me as assistants on various days and I invited them to join in but they weren’t interested. There was a bunch in the STEM classes down the hall, which made me jealous. :frowning:

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Don’t let any of the students know how much they could get for the textbook…

(Very Limited Availability of "Creating Interactive Fiction with Inform 7" by Aaron Reed)


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That textbook is even more expensive now :slight_smile:

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Good grief! I guess my $80 copy was a steal!