Tavern Crawler only playable on itch.io now? [Edit: link mix-up resolved]

IFDB has two links to V1 and V3 of Tavern Crawler. The V3 version is hosted on the comp site and links back to the game’s info page. The V1 link points to the ifarchive, and returns 404 Not Found. To find a working link to the game, I had to visit the author’s website, whereupon I found a link to the game on itch.io.

The game is still free to play there, but still, am I the only one who finds this a bit improper? I know the rules say you can do whatever you want with your game after the comp ends, but they also say the comp retains distribution rights. It’s also just traditional to keep working links on IFDB, including a link to the original comp version that earned the game’s rank in the competition.


I think this is a simple mistake. Josh updated the ifarchive version, which changed its name. I’ve fixed the top link on the IFDB page to point to the correct ifarchive version.


Cool, that’s helpful. And maybe ifcomp.org only hosts original comp versions until the end of the year, or something? I see the IFComp2020.zip file at ifarchive.org, but don’t want to download 1.5 GB just to find that all it has is links to browser games.

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I made it playable on itch so I’d have an easier way to link/embed a post-comp release with some minor additional typo and bug fixes, but certainly never intended for any comp versions to become inaccessible. Thanks to Brian for the fix on the IFDB link.

I’m not sure what’s going on with the original version and can investigate when I have some time (but for what it’s worth the differences between the one currently accessible on the IFComp website and the V1 are quite minor.)

Sounds good. Thanks for clearing it up! I just finished the game, by the way. It was very enjoyable! It provided a lot of freedom very seamlessly, I thought.