Task/Goal Lists

In a couple of games I’ve downloaded recently (Counterfeit Monkey and Scroll Thief), I’ve noticed that the game maintains a list of tasks/goals that the player needs to accomplish to solve (I prefer this usage to “win”) the game. It turns out that a project I’m working on could make good use of this capability - but I can’t find anything obvious to point me to how to do it. Pointers, hints, suggestions?

My Handbook (downloadable from http://musicwords.net/if/i7hb.htm) has a couple of pages on setting up Achievements. (See p. 219.) A couple of the examples on p. 11.4 of the Recipe Book may also be helpful.

In Scroll Thief I used a scene for each goal. When the scene began the goal automatically appeared in the player’s task list; when it ended the task disappeared.

The relevant section of the code is this page. Then the scenes are scattered throughout the code, search for “puzzling scene” to find them.