Tanden Dev Update

Okay so here’s what’s happening at Deimos Labs.

Both I Am Prey and Get Corn use a shared layer of code that I built atop TADS Adv3Lite. This is called the Inventor Core.

There have been a lot of efforts from @Eric_Eve and @Harlock to comb through Adv3Lite and do maintenance updates.

The Inventor Core uses an old version of Adv3Lite. It also turns out that parts of my Core might implement certain behaviors that apparently were meant to be default in Adv3Lite, and recent bugfixes in the library have restored those behaviors.

So, in addition to a lot of mental health difficulties, I’m also feeling rather paralyzed about this. I would like to update my Adv3Lite version but I’m worried about how much of my Core may or may not rely on deprecated parts of previous Adv3Lite versions. This doesn’t mean I’m not going to update it; after talking it over, this is the only way forward. However, the Inventor Core is pretty big and it reaches pretty deep into Adv3Lite and TADS to modify and rearrange stuff.

Unfortunately, both of my games are deeply intertwined with this problem.

So if anyone is wondering what’s been happening for the past year… this is it. Last night, I went back to my Core code and tried to fix some bugs which Get Corn had revealed, and started having an actual panic attack, and I had to drag myself out of it.

This feels like a colossal problem to resolve.

Thanks for reading.




Is it going to be a fun problem to resolve? A cool hacking challenge? Where you’re the cyberdetective diving into the codestream. Maybe it helps to view it as a game puzzle?