TALP results are live


The TALP results are live.
Congratulations to @dee_cooke !


Woohoo Dee! I tested the game, and was blown away by the structure, which not only teaches you how to play IF, but how to play progressively harder IF in three separate but cleverly integrated games. Truly well-deserved. Long live Barry Basic!


I really like how no one game cornered the competition; the #1 spot in each category was won by a different game each time (except for The Lonely Troll, which won two categories, but one of those was a tie). You can tell that each of those games really excelled in their respective areas.


This year’s games were very good. I enjoyed them all.

For me, @dee_cooke’s game stood out as a winner because it was technically competent, very robust (only one or two very minor bugs) and very cleverly executed. There was very good anticipation of unusual commands and most things that I tried were understood.

It was essentially three adventures, each consisting of a sequential series of puzzles, yet each adventure had very clever links to the others. I’ve now played the final version a couple of times and discovered that some of the puzzles have a random element, but done in such a way that you wouldn’t even realise it unless you played multiple times. There’s also an interesting set of achievements, most of which you won’t discover on a single playthrough. This game can be played a few times and you’ll still discover something new.

This is starting to sound like a review, so I’d better shut up.

Once again, congratulations to all the authors. You made this a really enjoyable jam/competition and I hope it becomes an annual event.


Congratulations Barry!

Good show. I didn’t play all the entries, but those I did play all had some qualities I really appreciated. Thanks to all authors for the effort, time and guts it took to make and enter your games.

Special shout out to @rayleandro 's Espiritu Roboto, my personal favorite. I loved the characters and the escape-the-building setup.

And of course to @Denk 's Grandma’s Flying Saucer for most hilariously understated intro.


Congratulations for the winner, Amanda and Garry. Go on working on it.


Thanks all :grinning: and congratulations also to everyone who entered. The standard was really high this year and I am absolutely thrilled people enjoyed Barry’s latest adventure! A huge part of the credit has to go to my amazing testers, who did sterling work ironing out the bugs and pain points.

I really loved playing (and testing in some cases!) all the other games in the jam, and I’ll probably post some thoughts on those later this week.


This was really fun to be a part of, whether testing or judging. I thought there was high quality all around.

Congrats to those who placed well and even those who didn’t. And the organizers as well–things went smoothly, and we had more entries, and more votes per entry, than last year!

I still have entries I want to review, because a lot of them were worth thinking on and deserved more than a generic “yeah this is good stuff.”


Big congrats to @Warrigal for having TWO games in the top 6. Stellar.


That’s only due to my fantastic testers. I love them all. I just wish I’d had a little more time to add some further polish to Kenny Koala.


That’s true - Carpathian Vampire would have been rubbish if I hadn’t tested it! :wink:

Joking aside, well done to everyone and especially to Dee for another winning entry! You’ll have to spend your winnings on a new trophy cabinet. I’m looking forward to catching up and playing all the ones I didn’t get to before the end of the competition.


If you make it to the end of Dee’s game, the last scene has a whole lot of awards for Barry Basic’s various software masterpieces. I think I know where she got the inspiration for some of those. :wink: