TALP games are up - remember to vote!

Sixteen entries for TALP, y’all! Go play some text adventures.


16 entries. It is a lot of games.
Congratulations to the participants.


For what it’s worth, the games are:

  • Barry Basic and the Speed Daemon (Dee Cooke), Adventuron
  • Carpathian Vampire (Garry Francis), Inform 6/Z-code
  • CC’s Road to Stardom (OK Feather), Adventuron
  • Dessert Island Adventure (Nils Fagerburg), custom/browser
  • Espiritu Roboto (Ray Leandro), Adventuron
  • Forgotten Island (Josh Goebel), Adventuron
  • Grandma’s Flying Saucer (Kenneth Pedersen), ADRIFT 5
  • Kenny Koala’s Bushfire Survival Plan (Garry Francis), Inform 6/Z-code
  • Kobold in Search for Family (Mystes), Adventuron
  • Library Quest (Starflame), Adventuron
  • Lonely Troll, The (Amanda Walker), Inform 7/Glulx
  • Mermaid Adventure (Leaflet Games), Adventuron
  • Raspberry Jam - 2022 (Sylfir), StoryPlayer5/Windows
  • Sindrella’s Potions (Tristin Grizel Dean), Adventuron
  • Spooky Mansion, The (Tim Jacobs), Adventuron
  • Wizard’s Club (Robert Szacki), ADL/Windows, Amiga

As you can see, the competition is dominated by Adventuron games, but there’s still enough of the other formats to keep things interesting. I’ve just had a quick look while downloading the games and there looks to be some really nice games amongst them.

So, join in the fun, play the games and rate them before 20 May 2022. Please read the jam rules before rating the games so that you understand the restrictions. The main thing is that the games are intended for beginners to text adventures (not necessarily children) and must have an inbuilt tutorial.


Wizard’s club for Amiga? I dont see it.

I haven’t tried this myself, but for the Amiga version of ‘Wizard’s Club’, read the instructions on the game page. In essence, I think you need the ADL Runner for the Amiga (he provides a link to an archived version) and the adlcomp.out data file that’s included in the download.

Important: This applies to ALL games. Don’t just look at the submissons page. Make sure you click the link that says ‘View game page’. The game page typically provides full instructions, possibly extra downloads and a play online button for browser based games.

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I must own up that I posted a similar comment… and deleted it once I actually went and tried to get everything together to play it on the Amiga myself… yeah, that’s not at all straightforward or in any way clear. ADL is extremely obscure and fairly obtuse, must like Robert’s other favourite AdvSys; There’s no obvious runner in there (or certainly not one that’s built) and it’s unclear how the .out file relates to anything… It’s a shame that there’s no a pre-built Amiga disk image.

With the caveat that, like Garry, I haven’t tried it myself :slightly_smiling_face:, because I don’t have a Workbench disk:

There are some manual pages (as plaintext files) in the man directory in the linked fish-0091 archive; adlrun.6 is the man page for the interpreter. Quoting from there:

Adlrun reads a datafile, infile, (or adlcomp.out, if infile is not specified) which contains tables and routines necessary to play […].

The bin directory contains files that should be executable (among them ADLrun), and adlcomp.out is the compiled adventure provided in the Wizard’s Club download from itch.

So as far as I understand, one would start up an Amiga (/emulator), start Workbench, open a command shell from Workbench, and run “ADLrun adlcomp.out” in that shell.

(Of course, this only applies if one wants to run the Amiga version. Otherwise, it’s easier to either use the provided Windows-compatible ADLRun.exe or, on Mac or Linux, the multi-platform DOSBox with the IFArchive DOS version of ADL.)


Two days have been added to the judging deadline, which is now 11:59pm Sunday UK time - so there’ll be a bit of extra time over the weekend to play and rate the games :slightly_smiling_face:


Cheekily edited the title of this post to remind people to get their ratings in.


I’ve now played and finished all 14 games (not counting my own) and I’ve just submitted my ratings. It’s currently up to 144 ratings. Let’s see if we can get it to 160, i.e. an average of 10 ratings per game.

FWIW, I think this is going to be a closely-fought contest. Most of the games were very good. They all had their own strengths and weaknesses, and I couldn’t pick a clear winner. It will be interesting to see the results a couple of days from now.

Congratulations to all the participants for a very pleasant (and sometimes frustrating) couple of weeks playing through all your masterpieces.