TALP 2022 map topic (all done)

In the interest of getting as many votes for TALP as possible, I thought I’d do what I can to help people go through it quicker.

We have 96 as of the evening of the 15th, so we’re almost sure to break last year’s tally of 102. In fact, my guesstimation would be we hit 130 (102 * square root of (16/10)) … but it’d be neat to get 10 ratings per game!

And while maps are spoilers, sometimes they are soft spoilers that can help reaffirm that, no, you can’t get by NPC X, so you can focus elsewhere. And that saves mental energy for this game and for the rest of them!

Anyone who wants to, I’d be glad if they added a map of what they’ve played. Authors are encouraged as well. This is just about getting resources out there, to help people who procrastinated (like me!) make up more ground than they’d hoped.

The list of entries is sorted from ones with the fewest votes so far to the ones with the most, as of 6 PM central, May 15th.

Authors, if you’d rather a map not be here for any reason, let me know. The list is below. When authors included maps for their games, and I notice it, I’ll link to them. I may include maps even when there’s an in-game map, just for reference, or to let people know how big a game is, if they’re curious.

Raspberry Jam - 2022
Sindrella’s Potions
Barry Basic and the Speed Daemon * has in-game map too!
Forgotten Island
Mermaid Adventure
The Lonely Troll * has in-game map too!
Wizard’s Club
Library Quest
Dessert Island Adventure
Kenny Koala’s Bushfire Survival Plan
Carpathian Vampire
Grandma’s Flying Saucer
The Spooky Mansion
Kobold in Search for Family
Espiritu Roboto with additional map on author’s itch.io site (props to them!)
CC’s Road to Stardom


Here is a map for Kobold in Search for Family. 14 rooms, though one is the victory room without any text.


The Lonely Troll has an in-game map, and the command is, surprisingly, MAP.


Grandma’s Flying Saucer has an in game map. Courtesy of ADRIFT’s inbuilt mapping system.

Barry Basic and the Speed Daemon has a map displaying the player character’s position above the text.

Dessert Island has a sweet adventure map next to the text.


Wizard’s Club. You may wish to type VERBOSE if you forget the exits, though there’s no way to die, and the map isn’t big, and with 9 rooms, it doesn’t branch very much.


Library Quest. One room is dark, hence the notch in the upper right. I thought about showing which room hid a spell you could read, but that might be too spoilery.

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I’m doing maps and solutions for all the games for submission to CASA when the jam is over. So far, I’ve finished:

  • Carpathian Vampire (Garry Francis)
  • Espiritu Roboto (Ray Leandro)
  • Grandma’s Flying Saucer (Kenneth Pedersen)
  • Kenny Koala’s Bushfire Survival Plan (Garry Francis)
  • Kobold in Search for Family (Tosxychor)
  • Library Quest (Starflame)
  • Mermaid Adventure (Leaflet Games)
  • Raspberry Jam - 2022 (Sylfir)
  • Spooky Mansion, The (Tim Jacobs)
  • Wizard’s Club (Robert Szacki)

Do you want me to add the maps for the ones that you haven’t already added?


Yeah, that’d be awesome! I was actually considering asking you but wasn’t sure how much you did. Your work is great but I wouldn’t want you to feel obliged to be the guy.

I’d actually appreciate someone else doing what they can, as I’m a bit behind on judging, and I just had an idea for a ParserComp game I’d like to get ahead of the curve on. And a few of the games in the list, I haven’t looked at yet.

I’ll just add the links to the post you put them in. If you’re able to make one post per map, that’s ideal. Post them in any order you want, whenever you have the maps in the shape you want them in.

Map for Carpathian Vampire:

Carpathian Vampire (Garry Francis) map


Map for Espiritu Roboto:


Map for Grandma’s Flying Saucer:


Map for Kenny Koala’s Bushfire Survival Plan:


Map for Mermaid Adventure:

Mermaid Adventure (Leaflet Games) map

EDIT: Oh, no more than 5 consecutive posts are allowed, so I’ll try appending the others to this one.

Map for Raspberry Jam - 2022:

Raspberry Jam - 2022 (Sylfir) map

Map for The Spooky Mansion:


Wow! Lots of really good work so far! I was originally going to wait until you posted everything, but since intfiction has that limit, I guess I’ll drop thanks now.

So if you’d like to put these in separate posts, I’ll post right here so you can. But of course that is more busy work. Either way, I can link stuff if/when you’re done with your current document dump.

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That’s it for now. I’ve also finished ‘Forgotten Island’, but haven’t done the map and solution yet. I tested three others, but haven’t done the final playthrough, map and solution for those.

The only games I haven’t played at all are ‘CC’s Road to Stardom’ and ‘Sindrella’s Potions’. I’m hoping to get all of these finished in the next few days so that I can get my ratings finalised.


Map for CC’s Road to Stardom:

CC's Road to Stardom (OK Feather) map


Map for Forgotten Island:


Map for Sindrella’s Potions. This is for version 0.1.5 (which is actually a later version than the original 0.1.5). The game is still a bit buggy, so the map may possibly be subject to minor changes.


Map for The Lonely Troll:

Lonely Troll, The (Amanda Walker) map

Map for Barry Basic and the Speed Daemon:


Last and definitely not least, Dessert Island Adventure.

Trust me, the in-game map is MUCH nicer.

~18 hours to go … we’re at 147 votes. Maybe we will break last year’s average, which would be really cool, since there are more entries!