Tallahassee Minisite

As a brief project I restored an old mini-website that was published to tie in with the release of The Mountain Goats’ 2002 album “Tallahassee.” You can see it here.

The content for the site was originally written by band frontman John Darnielle and was designed by Lalitree Darnielle.

Here’s the context. The album itself is about a mutually hostile marriage plagued by alcoholism. The album itself transforms what is a tough topic into what are often upbeat songs; however, the site itself sits largely in uncomfortable silence, seemingly in the aftermath of the marriage.

The site was lost after the band parted ways with the 4AD record label, but parts of it were preserved on the Internet Archive.

I fixed the images, Flash videos, and other media, and substituted things as necessary. There are still a few missing things but it’s much more accessible than the archived version.

While the site doesn’t have an objective and definitely isn’t a game, it should be interesting to Twine authors. The site used a “floor plan” interface for navigation that would later be used in games like The Copyright of Silence.

There are probably other similar Twine/hypertext games that I can’t quite think of at the moment. Does anyone know of any others?

Also tagging resident Mountain Goats fan @DeusIrae


Nice. I love that album


Oh, this is an awesome bit of archeological reconstruction - it’s still hard for me to find time to have headphones on while on my
computer what with the baby, but you’re once again giving me strong motivation to figure that out!

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Haha, it is not quite so demanding in terms of audio :smiley:

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