Taking All

Thank you to the community for providing me a link to Graham Nelson’s guide to how Inform is programmed. It has already proven invaluable to me!

A question I have – the mechanism for “taking all” is not provided in Nelson’s documentation. I’d like to change the default message for “taking all” when there’s nothing to take. Would it be easier to find the rule and change the output (as in, changing the underlying functioning of Inform) or better to address with “Instead of…”

Thank you in advance for your thoughts!

Just change the response:

The parser nothing error internal rule response (B) is “Your text here!”


To expand on Mike’s answer, you can find all of the customizable responses by taking a look at the Standard Rules extension (accessible from the IDE).

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Or look them up in Zed’s great Standard Rules page!



I don’t know what the IDE is, can you tell me?

If you downloaded something called “Inform” that has built-in syntax highlighting, in-app compiling/playtesting, some built-in extensions, etc. that’s your IDE (integrated development environment). This is different from (e.g.) making an Inform game from a Google Doc (possible, but there’s stuff in the IDE that will help you a lot more than Docs will).