TADS for Android

Hello! I’m sure we need player for Android OS. If needed, we could pay for required libraries or whatever. I’m ready to donate 150$ to developer.

This version of Hunky Punk has TADS support, and it’s … well, none of the Android terps are “there” yet, but Hunky Punk is the slickest of the not-quite-there bunch.


Hunky Punk used to work on my android devices, but on nexus 4 and 7 with latest Android version it doesn’t work anymore (quit after start)

It still works on my S3 (including the version above with TADS support) … I just never use it because I find it so frustrating :frowning: I default to the JFrotz for my z-code games, and otherwise, nuthin’ :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Hunky Punk isn’t working on my Galaxy S4…
so, TADS web ui doesn’t seem to be working on my Android browsers – Chrome, Dolphin…

Sorry, I said in my previous reply (awaiting moderation as I type this) that Web Play wasn’t working in Android browsers. But that’s not quite right.

I’m trying Return to Ditch Day. It opens, but there are so many issues with text sizing in the Android browsers that it becomes almost impossible to play.

(On my laptop it works beautifully, btw.)

I believe I’ve fixed this crash on Android 4. Could you download Hunky Punk Mod 0.4 or greater and test again? thanks


It seems to be working on my Nexus 7! At least I’ve been able to play quite a few turns into Indigo. There does seem to be an odd problem with the first command I type after opening a game: firstly, characters I type get repeated unpredictably, and also all the text printed so far is treated as being part of the command (I can backspace over the > prompt and start deleting the first room description!). Every command after that seems to work fine, though.

I also noticed that Hunky Mod isn’t currently using the latest version of TADS, so TADS 3 games compiled with the most recent version of the compiler (like my game It) won’t run on it.

Thank you for your work on Hunky Mod! I had pretty much given up on having a working TADS interpreter for Android.

No, not quite! It looks like this bug appears any time you bring the keyboard up - so when you first start/resume a game, but also if you just close the software keyboard and then open it again.

Thanks for your help testing. I’ll add the “first command wierdness” bug to the issue list.

Regarding upgrading TADS, I’ve recently began a new direction for Hunky Punk. Instead of building a new Android Glk implementation in Java (as the original author was doing), I plan to re-use most of the back-end C code from Gargoyle/garglk by interfacing with the Java UI elements of Android. I believe this will enable Hunky Punk to more easily stay up to date with the modern interpreters. Its going to take me a little longer, but I think the result will be worth it.

This should be fixed now in the latest version (Hunky Punk Mod 0.5) available for download at the project page code.google.com/p/hunkypunk/

Nifty! Thank you for maintaining Hunky Punk!

Will this find its way into the Google Play store soon? Or will you be waiting until you’ve added the other features?
Current version there is only 0.2

Yes, I’m planning to publish this soon. Please let me know if you find any major bugs. I’d like have a few more days of testing before publishing.

This will be a different app than that is currently in the play store, since I am not the owner of the original “Hunky Punk” app.
This one will be called “Hunky Punk Mod”, unless I can think of something better. Someday it just might grow up into a “Gargoyle”.

thank you, it’s working fine now on my nexus 4 (running cyanogenmod)

Its on Google Play now. I published it under the title “Son of Hunky Punk”.

I try to run my TADS 3 adventure on a Galaxy S4 with Son of Hunky Punk, but it won’t work. It finds the game and reports that it will be interpreted as “TADS”, but on “open” I get “VM Error: error reading file”.
Is it a known problem? May be fixed in the future?


thanks for the report Johan, I know about this issue and its due to SOHP not being up to date with the latest TADS interpreter. I’m still working on the app, its just going slow. Hopefully I’ll make some good progress this winter.

I read this comment you made a couple years ago. How does Hunky Punk stand now in regard to this idea? Did you end up reworking it - is that what you consider the design of the current version?

Hello and thanks for your question allensocket. I have continued to work occasionally on SOHP, however it is not complete in the backend rewrite to match Gargoyle and thus share the interpreter source code. I’ve been busy with real life (so say we all) and enjoying every minute of it, however I still have the dream of continuing development of SOHP. We will just have to wait and see if the dream in fact becomes reality. In the meantime, to satisfy at least a little of the craving for better Android IF interfaces, some aspiring computer science students from Germany have implemented several neat features in the front end (largely due to the assignment given by their prof). The new version is now available on Google Play.