TADS Development on Mobile [SOLVED]

Okay, so I’m…not doing very well. Without getting into specifics, it might be necessary for me to continue gamedev from my phone by using it as a terminal to my main computer.

If I’m restricted to only using a terminal, does anyone have a recommended terminal-based code editor that can handle syntax coloring for .t files? (I will bite the VIM bullet if I really have to)

Also is there something that can handle rendering simplified HTML files in a Linux terminal? Otherwise I can just move the Adv3Lite docs to my phone.


EDIT: Not using Fabularium because all my notes, version settings, and other stuff are on the laptop, so I’m using ssh.

EDIT 2: For the moment I’m using VIM.

UPDATE: Okay, apparently syntax highlights in VIM actually work pretty well for .t files… Who knew!


links and it’s more sophisticated brother, lynx, are the usual choices for terminal browsers. (Although personally, I think I’d probably prefer to just use the phone’s regular browser.)

Yeah, vim seems to have pretty good syntax highlighting for a bunch of relatively obscure stuff.