TADS and iPad

Is there any way to play TADS on the iPad? I have a way to play them on the laptop, but it would be easier on the iPad. I was looking to play Mrs Pepper’s Nasty Secret.

Is there by any chance an app called Son of Hunky Punky? At least on Android, it’s the best IF terp I know and plays tads games too.

That said


tap Play Online, and be sure to be logged in. Nowadays many tads games can be played online, with the terp running server-side

No luck with Son of Hunky Punk on the Apple app store.

I’ve been trying to get the “play online” option for that game to work, and while it works from the computer, it doesn’t work from the iPad. It takes forever to load and then conks out about midway through.

Of course, if I’m going to use the wifi, I might as well play it with the keyboard on the computer. I was just thinking it would be nice to be able to play it out of the house/on the road.


in that case, the simple solution is to get a cheap android tablet :wink:

Or wait. I believe the author of iFrotz plans to add TADS support and has already started looking into it.

Sure, it’ll be a while, but there’s tons of ZCode games to play while you wait!

That would be wonderful if iFrotz added TADS support. I love that app.

Oh, this is good news! I was about to embark upon porting my TADS 2 games to I7. Thank you iFrotz author!

Mind, porting your games is always a good idea. There are still more ZCode interpreters than TADS, and it’s a good exercise for you. Plus, like I said, it’ll be a while, and who knows what sort of unexpected problems he may have run into since he spoke with me (I expect quite a few, but that’s just me being me). So you might still want to port your games.