TADS 3 multimedia interpreters

During the past week, I found out that there were more multimedia TADS 3 interpreters[*] than I thought.

The multimedia TADS 3 interpreters I was previously aware of are:

TADS 3 Player Kit for Windows

Mac OS X:


I’ve now found out about:


So my main question is:

Can someone tell me all of the multimedia TADS 3 intepreters, and the platforms that they run on?

Also, is there a place where I should have been looking to know the answer to this?

I was previously assuming that the following page was up-to-date, but maybe not:
And the following page is very much appreciated, but doesn’t help differentiate multimedia vs. non-multimedia TADS 3 interpreters:

[*] By “multimedia TADS 3 intepreter”, I mean:
(1) supports all or most HTML TADS features (for me, requirements include being able to display images in a ; playing music/sound is nice to have)
(2) needs to be able to play a modern TADS 3 game (TADS 3.1.3)

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These are the only ones I’m aware of too. CocoaTADS is abandoned though. It was last updated in 2010 from what I can tell so I doubt it can run 3.1.3 games. It might not even run on modern macOS versions.

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Thanks, much appreciated!