TADS 3 keyword list

I’m working on a Sublime Text 2 syntax definition file for TADS, which I’ll make available soon as it’s working well with both TADS 2 and 3.

Is there a complete list of TADS 3 keywords available anywhere? The one that’s available for vim has keywords for TADS 2 only.
The others available on the Archive are a little dated, IIRC (2004 and 2006).
Perhaps there’s one in the TADS 3 manuals somewhere? If there is, I’d appreciate a pointer to it.


Nevermind, I just found one for Notepad++ made in 2011. This should be close enough for TADS 3.1.

I thought the source for html tads was available and included the Workbench source (which would include the Scintilla syntax file) but I couldn’t find it anywhere. If you want the absolutely latest version of the syntax that would be the place to get it though. Maybe send Mike Roberts a note?

Thanks for the tip, but what I have at the moment should suffice. I will look into the HTML TADS source, though, and see.
Hopefully there shouldn’t be too much of a difference. crosses fingers :wink: