TADS 3 -- IFComp entry, online play

The IFComp is not set up/enabled for TADS online play. Once the comp is over and IFDB is updated, then online play can be enabled.

However, there is a way that online play could be enabled (I confirmed with IFComp) by:

– Using gs.tads.io/?storyfile=
– Where storyfile points to the .t3 WEB built comp entry
– and add an index.html file to the .zip file bundle that would point to this online-play page

I don’t have a web presence so I can’t host the file, so I’m looking for any advice this TADS group can provide on making this happen. Having an online playable TADS game in the IFComp will be good for TADS (I think) so any help would be appreciated!

  • Mike

Send me an email to my nick name at kapsa dot cz.