TADS 3 Game Publishing - Quandary

As I learn to develop games with TADS 3 (3.1.3) on TADS Workbench, I am running into a publishing problem.

I am using my Win10 desktop for development.

When I compile a game for release and obtain a game.t3 game file. It will play properly on my windows version of Gargoyle. However, when I try to open the game on my Raspberry Pi version of Gargoyle, I receive a “VM Error: error reading file”

Other TADS games I download from IFDB such as All Hope Abandon by Eric Eve and Gargoyle on the RPi runs ok.

Is there a compile setting I need to change to make it work on the RPi version of Gargoyle.

Note: I have been unable to get Qtads to work on the RPi, it generates a bus error when opened.

PS. When I try to play a currently published game on IFDB, IFDB returns and error they it cannot find a suitable server.

You should check and update the Gargoyle version on your rpi, because the version available in Debian (and Ubuntu) repository can’t run games compiled with latest TADS3 compiler version.

Looks like the Gargoyle 2011.1 b-1 doesn’t support TADS 3.1.3 games.

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Good info.

I am running the latest version of Gargoyle on the RPi repositories.

I will see if I can find a newer version that I can compile for the Arm on the RPi.

Thank you.

If your game doesn’t include media, you can use the FrobTads interpreter with your favorite terminal =)

Also, you can use my humble web interpreter =)


Frobtds is not available for the RPi Arm. :frowning:

Another option to try. Thank you.

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Love seeing the plethora of options for TADS. Did not know about ElseIf, another great resource!

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The EleIfPlayer works!

Thank you.

PS. I am still going to try compiling Gargoyle for the RPi.

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Unfortunately while it seemed to compile correctly using Jam, toward the end, it failed to compile due to the lack of: libgarglk.SO

You web interpreter works very well. The list from IFDB is a good representation. Pulling a file from my local computer works well.

However, I have been unable to pull a game from an internet link. I have posted a game on one of my servers. It can be downloaded to your local computer.

Can you provide instructions for using the https: link on your web interpreter?

Thank you

I see your problem here.

By default web browsers follow Same-origin policy. This concept prohibits websites from requesting resources from another origin without special permission. You can read more about CORS on MDN: Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS).

In short, when Site A tries to fetch content from Site B, Site B can send a special Access-Control-Allow-Origin response header to tell the browser that the content of this route is accessible to Site A.

Unfortunately, only those server responses that contain the Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * (or Access-Control-Allow-Origin: https://he4et.github.io) header can be processed by my (or any other) web application.

That’s why the ElseIfPlayer works well with https://ifarchive.org, for example.

If you can edit the response headers on your server, then add the required one and the game will be available in my player:

Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *


Access-Control-Allow-Origin: https://he4et.github.io

English is not my native language, so feel free to ask me to explain something with another words if you need =)


ElseIf is pure JS/CSS, right? So another option would be to host the scripts on your own web site.


Yes, that’s another good option!

You can download the release from the GitHub and serve files from the /docs directory on https://your.site/elseifplayer/ route.

This way you will have access to games from https://your.site.


All great suggestions! I’m working on it!

I am trying to set up the 2022 Winter TADS Jam.

Thank you!


(I have a faint hope of having a short TADS game ready for the Winter Jam. Thank you for making it happen!)

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Thanks to He4eT, a major hurtle involved with the implementation of the Winter 2022 Tads Jam has been cleared. One of the issues is an online playing system that will allow players and judges to access the game easily. The games can also be downloaded for local computer play but online play is a major convenience and should increase participation.

He4eT’s made available his server based player available and kindly provided assistance with its setup.

Many thanks.

More info on the Winter Tadsjam to follow soon.


2022 Winter TADS Jam? When is that?

It is scheduled to run through January after IFComp. I am still working on the details and its website. You can check out the early beta website at: TadsJam.