TADS 3 and vim

Howdy all!

So, I’ve been working on updating the syntax definition file for TADS 3 source code and the vim editor. I used the frobtads source code (tctok.h/tctok.cpp) to get the list of TADS keywords and updated the list in the tads.vim file. I’ve also updated the ftdetect tI’vads.vim file so it recognizes *.t3m for the project file. And also created some snippets (for UltiSnip and similar snippet organizers), and it’s to a point where I think I can share it with the public.

I’ve zipped them all together and have uploaded them to my site. You can download a copy
at http://www.gerynarsabode.org/Downloads/NewTadsVim.zip or upload the copy I’ve included in this post.

I’ve updated a couple things in the syntax file and the snippets file.
NewTadsVim.zip (4.19 KB)


Would you happen to still have this?

The first link is broken, and the uploaded file seems to be incomplete.
Thanks in advance :smiley: