TADS 3 also speaks German now

I didn’t see any announcement on this forum yet, so here goes.

Michael Baltes has done a German translation of the TADS 3 library (including the parser). Meaning it’s now possible to write (and of course play) games in German:


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That’s true. I’ve added comments to the code wherever possible in “/–” -style, in hope that other translators will take some advantage of it.
There is also the first german Tads game out at IFDB, called “Die Pionierin und die Tragödie des telematischen Typewriters”.

– MI

Nice work! Are there plans to integrate this with the mainline TADS distribution?

This is an excelent news, congrats! For the past three years I’m writing (very slowly) czech translation of TADS 3 so I’m naturally very interested in your code and I will study it in detail later. I would also like to say, that I’m open for discussion on this topic.

It’s up to Michael J. Roberts to decide that. As far as we know from Inform, translations are treated as “extensions”, which are not included in the main distribution.

I saw no announcement yet, so here it goes:
Tads 3.1.1 is out and the german library is updated to 1.0.N.

Thats great! I want to know if I can make a game in japanese using the english tads3.1

I am trying to learn new languages and I think this would be helpful.

Yes, but obviously with an English command parser.