TADS 2 problem and rec.arts.int-fiction problem

First, when I post on rec.arts.int-fiction, it asks for something called a “Cc”. I don’t know what that is, and won’t let me post without it.


I’m tryinig to make a cutscene like in The Plant. I’ve done it before quite easily.
However, when I compile this code(some testing code I rigged up for this problem),
it compiles(with the -C option) and runs just fine, but when I go north, it exits HTML TADS, and says in an error message box: “You must specify a numeric value!”. I checked some old code I used before to do the same thing, and I appear to be doing it correctly. Any input?

#include <adv.t>
#include <std.t>

startroom: room
sdesc=“Short desc”
ldesc=“Long desc.”
“Setting the notify…”;
notify (aScript, &script, 0);

aScript: item
script =
switch (self.scriptNum)
case 1:
"\bThis boring room is so boring. ";
case 2:
"\bOh god… so boring… ";
case 3:
"\bBoring, Boring, Boring. ";
case 4:
“\bSave me from this epic boring starting room!”;
case 5:
"\bFinally,this lamenting script is finished. ";
unnotify(self, &script);

How do you try to post to the newsgroup? Are you using a newsreader like Mozilla Thunderbird, or are you using a web interface like Google Groups?

“CC” sounds like the good old “carbon copy” of email, but that shouldn’t be something you need to supply.

(I know nothing about TADS, so can’t help you with your second question, alas.)

You just need to add

scriptNum = 0

to your aScript object.

I’m using google groups.