TADS *2* in German?

Hi all,

I’ve lately dabbled a little with Inform 6 and decided to also have a look into TADS.

As it seems, TADS 2 is more to my style than TADS 3. Now, while I know that there is a german extension for TADS 3, I couldn’t find anything about TADS 2 being in German – are there any modules out there which would accomplish this?

(And, while we’re at it, are T2 and T3 compatible with each other and is one the subset of the other, like “C” is more or less a subset of “C++”, or are they completely different beasts? Just wondering about a possible migration from one system to the other later on…)

Thanks in advance for any info,



I began with a german translation of Tads 2, but failed when it came to the verb definitions / grammar patterns, which aren’t accessible in Tads 2, like the entire parse mechanism. This is why I switched to Tads 3, so consider the Tads 2 part as less than quarter-baked. If you want to write a german game, I strongly recommend Tads 3 (which is a bit more complicated in the beginning, but the possibilities are well worth the efforts).

Feel welcome to discuss further details in our german IF Forum, under

There you’ll find help for all systems like I6, I7, Tads3, TAG and so on …

– MI