Taco Fiction "Good" Ending

I fell behind quite a bit when trying to play the comp games and only had a chance to play Taco Fiction on a plane flight home for Thanksgiving. While playing it (1st version - couldn’t update it while on the plane), I managed to beat the game and guess at the “good” ending. However, I couldn’t quite figure out what conversation options were necessary to trigger it. The hints didn’t help, as they implied the same thing I was already trying to do.

More specifically,

[spoiler]I had all the ending items (I think - notably the maps and the menus), but I couldn’t generate the option to give/show the documents I found to the ice cream cashier (I’ve forgotten her name by now). GIVE/ SHOW documents don’t seem to work, since they just kick me to the “Interact with characters by using TALK TO” message.

I might have confused the game, since my adventurer instincts kicked in at the beginning… and I went to La Pizza before going to Paco’s Tacos. I also did several other things out of order compared to the walkthrough.[/spoiler]

I haven’t actually tried this in-game yet, but from the horse’s mouth:

To get the best ending, you not only need the documents, you need to have put yourself in a situation where you want/know that you have to use them.

Talk to the cashier a lot. You should find out her name. Get to know her in a couple other ways.

Find out her story about why her business isn’t doing so well. Get her to show you her tattoo. Play a game with her.

Then when you come back at the end with the documents, the option to show them to her should have opened up.

Or so I’m told. As I said, I haven’t tried it yet.

On my first playthrough, I did a few of the above-mentioned things, but I didn’t manage to get the menus and maps or anything else from the table. Then on my second playthrough, I the player was motivated to help her out, but the PC wasn’t, so the conversation option hadn’t unlocked.

I think that’s what they call “ludo-narrative dissonance.”

I think I got the first two - but not the last one.

Does the game involve tasting all the different flavors? I haven’t done that yet.

Assuming you mean ‘is it necessary in order to get the best ending’: no.

I don’t think you need to do all the specific things I mentioned, but what I meant by that comment was

you can play checkers with her if you examine the checkerboard first. So “the game” is checkers. (I haven’t done this myself, just been told that you can do it.)

How long was the flight?

Not all that long - just under 2 hours? I tend to go through games fairly quickly.