Table Trouble

OK, so I’m trying to make tables, and I cannot see what I am doing wrong. I’m using the Complementary Peanuts example as my template, but I’m not copying and pasting-- I’m doing my own:

Table of Commentary

topic	commentary
"blorf"	"erg"
"blarg"	"oof"

and I keep getting this message:

Problem. ‘Table of Commentary’ has no rows.

But it totally does have rows. I’ve read Chapter 16’s table rules, and there’s a tab between each column entry, but I don’t see any other rules I might be breaking. What is going on?

You have a blank line between your table header and the contents. The contents of a table and/or any instructions about blank rows have to begin on the line immediately below the header.


Yeah, I think the syntax here changed at some point over the last 15 years, so all the examples in the Recipe Book are slightly wrong. I feel like this issue is high up there on the I7-oral-tradition list, alongside “you only put ‘it’ in an action name if it applies to two nouns”.


It’s actually just a display problem in how indoc is generating the HTML (I’ll file a bug). Here’s the source file for Complimentary Peanuts: you can see there isn’t a blank line there.

If you had used the copy-code button, it should have worked: the extra new-line isn’t in the version of the example-code associated with the button.

I’m in a privileged position to say: processing those files to display them in a reasonable fashion is really tricky and annoying and much harder than it sounds. So far as I know, my version of the docs is getting it right now, but not only were there many issues with tables and newlines along the way, I recently managed to add a bug to my current development version by which if there are two tables in a row, it’s not displaying a blank line between them.

(And, of course, if you follow the Borogove links in my version, you’ll get to see the plain text of the example without any formatting choices getting in the way. It’s possible it’ll turn out one or more has a problem 'cause I made a mistake in how I isolated the example code to give to Juhana, but I haven’t heard of any so far, and they all compile – a lot of possible mistakes would have prevented that.)


Oh, ffs. That is annoying. Removed the line break (which is EVERYWHERE in the docs) and it works fine now.

Proud to be a part of the oral tradition of fixing I7 weirdness, but I am so glad you’re updating this, Zed. I’m going to stop using the docs in I7 and start using yours.

Thanks again, y’all.

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