table of topics and resonses

can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong? I’ve copied this down letter by letter but still keep getting an error.

Table of Topics and Responses for Bob
topic response
“Bob” “I live here in the computer.”
“weather” “it’s been nice weather lately.”

instead of asking Bob about something:
repeat through Table of Topics and Responses for Bob
if the topic understood includes topic entry
say “[response entry][paragraph break]”
rule succeeds;
end if;
end repeat;
say " I don[’]t know anything else."

And this is the error message.
Each time Go or Replay is clicked, Inform tries to translate the source text into a working story, and updates this report.)

Problem. In the line ‘say “[response entry][paragraph break]” rule succeeds’ , I was expecting that ‘"[response entry][paragraph break]" rule succeeds’ would be something to ‘say’, but it didn’t look like any form of ‘say’ that I know. So I tried to read ‘"[response entry][paragraph break]" rule succeeds’ as a value of some kind (because it’s legal to say values), but couldn’t make sense of it that way either.

Sometimes this happens because punctuation has gone wrong - for instance, if you’ve omitted a semicolon or full stop at the end of the ‘say’ phrase.

Because of this problem, the source could not be translated into a working game. (Correct the source text to remove the difficulty and click on Go once again.)

This is what’s gone wrong; you’ve omitted the semicolon after your say phrase. It should be:

say "[response entry][paragraph break]";

By the way, when you post code on the forum, you should use the “code” formatting button to post it. (It’s above the box where you type your comment–if you’re typing in the quick reply box, hit “Full Editor” to display the buttons.) This makes your code much easier to read, and it also preserves your tab stops, which can be very important for the code–like that table, for instance.

Thank you for your help on this and your advice on the code button :slight_smile: