TAB - Retro Text Aventure Maker (Quill/PAW replicant)

Posted a short clip of the Adventure Player loading in some example adventure datafiles.
TAB is a retro text adventure maker project for Windows and is my homage to popular 80’s 8-bit adventure utilities. It operates on very similar principles to STAC, Quill, PAW or GAC.

This clip shows the tutorial game data entries in the Editor and running in the Player.


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I would try it out, if the player and editor were more accessible.

Hi blindHunter,

I would try to help - but not sure I quite understand… Can you be a little more explicit as to what you did not like or had problems with?


well, it’s a RPM (Read Poster’s Mind) :wink: but I guess that mr. “Blindhunter” refers to a Linux/mac version or that your IF compiler is uploaded in the IF Archive…

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.

Whoops. I use a screen reader to use a computer and to access the internet.
The particular screen reader I use, NVDA (nonvisual desktop access) does not work with the TAB player or editor.
For example, most of the edit boxes and buttons are unlabeled, so I can’t tell what they do. If you want to test out TAB with NVDA, you can download it from

TAB has a Linux based runner? HOLAY! ^^ I want! ^^

TAB has been updated to Version 68 on 23 Jan 2019.

TAB is an offline downloadable text adventure creator for PC Windows XP and above.
More details, screenshots, vid and download link here:


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