Syntax highlighting of code excerpts

First post post-switch. The new forum is still confusing, but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it soon.

Looking through the old threads, I notice that the code excerpts now have syntax highlighting enabled, but the highlighting scheme isn’t necessarily correct. So, for instance, the word “is” appears in bold in the following snippet:

A yellow hat is on the shelf.

But not every code excerpt is I7. For other languages, the highlighting is misleading and annoying. Can it be disabled?

Also, how do I preview my post before going live? The highlighting doesn’t show up inside the editor, and I wanted to double-check that it shows up the way I’ve described it. I suppose I have to post blindly this time.

Of course, it didn’t show up like I wanted. And I think I’ve figured it out now. The preview was there all the time, but it was hidden behind a popup about “similar topics”.

An indented paragraph is not highlighted text.
A bbcode block is highlighted text.

Now, when I look back on this thread, neither block is highlighted. But I’m positive that the second block was highlighted earlier.

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I changed some stuff, so hopefully the code is just plain fixedwidth text now.