Supplying a Missing Direction

The plane is pushable between rooms.

That’s awfully counterintuitive.

This didn’t work:

Rule for supplying a missing direction when pushing: say "Which direction?" instead.

Is there an easy fix? Thanks!

“Pushing” and “pushing to” are two different actions, so you’ll just have to change the message for the pushing action.

Instead of pushing the plane: say "You have to supply the compass direction you want to push it to."
(It’s generally better not to have the parser ask a question when it doesn’t react to the answer gracefully. In this case if you ask “Which direction?” and the player answers NORTH, they’ll walk there without the plane which can be very confusing.)

Oh, good point on the “Which direction” thing, Nitku.

That was a simple one that I can’t believe I had trouble with. Duh.

Thanks again!

Same puzzle: I want the player to be able to push a plane to a field, but not just push it everywhere on the map willy nilly, because that would complicate my life programmatically, plus logically pushing the plane into a hut and so forth would be silly.

Instead of pushing the plane to the military base: say "You can't get the plane through the muddy area." instead.


Instead of pushing the plane to north: say "You can't get the plane through the muddy area." instead.

Neither works… what’s up with that? The player just pushes that plane right on in.

Forget it, dumb mistake.