Supercredits extension (development aid)

I found that say "[the complete list of extension credits]" became unwieldy and hard to read when you had extensions with a lot of dependencies, so I made an extension called Supercredits, now on the Friends repo.

It prints a sorted, formatted version of the complete list of extensions (i.e., including those specifying authorial modesty), invoked with a supercredits command.

* indicates modesty

 Friends of I7 / 6M62 Patches version 2/210913 *
 Graham Nelson / English Language version 1 *
 Graham Nelson / Standard Rules version 3/120430
     Zed Lopez / Supercredits version 1/211205 *
     Zed Lopez / Text Loops version 1

As the above illustrates, it depends on my Text Loops extension which in turn depends on the 6M62 Patches by Friends of I7 extension.

The whole extension is marked Not for Release.

It relies on a table to build the output; it has 50 rows by default, but the docs describe how to extend it if necessary. If the number of extensions exceeds that, it’ll still work; it’s just that the excess extensions won’t be sorted and the output will be a little uglier.


Oh, that’s another thing I didn’t even know existed. Thanks.


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