Suggest me a Seed from SeedComp!

Hello, hello. I figure I’m in for some speed IF, so I figured I’d do an exercise on SeedComp seeds, but then I looked at them and was struck with terrible decision paralysis. So, anybody have any suggestions? Just post them here if so. If there are any I’ll put them all in a bag and pick the first two out. If there aren’t, I dunno, maybe I’ll just put them all in a list and pick two.


That’s hard. Some are better for parser-based games and some (most?) are better for choice-based games. What’s your poison?

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Huh, that’s a good point - I can read Inform 7 code, but not really write it. So, choice-based. I hadn’t really considered what I’d do if I got hit with the “Inform 7 Javascript tech demo” one, I guess I’d have to learn fast.

e: to be clear, I’m only taking suggestions to make something, not something good.


I just started to scan through the SeedComp entries (in alphabetical order) and stopped at ‘Death Amongst Spider Lilies’. I think that would make a pretty good, narrative heavy, choice-based game.


Based on the seedcomp spreadsheet, I don’t think anyone is using either of the two seeds I submitted, so…

The one I like more is The Last Girls' School (Or, Maria Is Watching Us) by Autumn Chen. The other seed, Satin and Silk by Autumn Chen, might be a bit too specific or similar to existing games…

A couple other seeds I find interesting are Hard Luck Vampire by zedlopez and other thing by slugzuki


You can fins who registered an intent to use what in the spreadsheet there.

I’ll put forward The Last Book You’ll Ever Write from my pile. I think The Understudy had a neat concept, and record scratch - I bet you’re wondering how you got here’s title makes me giggle every time I see it.


From my own, I’d like to suggest No Exit and Novum Instrumentum. (And I’ll second Manon’s suggestion of record scratch :grin:).

Otherwise, I’d be interested to see Morning From Hell or Killer Robots rendered in a choice-based format.


I can’t seem to find it on this list: Submissions to SeedComp! - Planting Round - - am I looking in the right place?

I’ll close this later tonight and roll a (virtual) die, we’ll see what comes out.


Think Death Amongst Spider Lilies was withdrawn by the author, since it’s no longer on the submissions page. Shame, it was pretty interesting. Good luck with your selection!

I think it might be: The Inborn Love of Beauty by Amanda Walker ?

It’s Death Do Us Part by kayla that is not on itch anymore.


Is Death Amongst Spider Lilies still in, then? I couldn’t find it on the seed submissions page anymore, so I assumed the author no longer wanted it in the comp. Might’ve gotten confused.

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Both of these web search results now give a 404 not found error, so it’s clearly gone.

It’s also not in the zip file.

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Huh… My bad then. It really was an entry.
But if it is not in the Excel sheet or the Zip file, it means it was removed from the first round either before or soon after the deadline (because I organised this bit, and I did it like 2h-ish after the deadline).

But Death Do Us Part by kayla is also not on itch anymore either.


Sorry about that. I now remember that ‘Death Amongst Spider Lilies’ was withdrawn, then reappeared again. It looks like it’s been withdrawn a second time, so it wouldn’t be elligible as a seed. Back to the drawing board.

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To be clear, please refer to the zip file regarding whether or not a seed is available. The reasons are two-fold.

One, we were forced to use due to the rushed nature of our launch this year. As such, we do not have direct custody of the individual seed submission pages. We created a zip file of all the submissions upon the deadline not only for convenience, but to also provide a snapshot of the seeds as they were at that time. It is unfair to ask folks to commit time and effort building a game based off one or more of these seeds only to have the seeds either change or disappear sometime after they start. That’s why we were so clear on the end of Round 1 being the last opportunity for folks to edit their seeds.

Two, these seeds were already published under either a CC license or as public domain; you can’t revoke this after the fact. Otherwise, this would allow someone to publish a CC work, like a popular Inform 7 extension, let’s say, for example, Text Effects by Emily Short, then have many folks use or adapt that work in good faith, and then revoke the license, which would allow Ms. Short to sue hundreds of authors for copyright violation. That isn’t how copyright works. The original author can republish a work under a less restrictive license if they wish, but they can’t retroactively change a previously released work to a more restrictive license.

This whole thing was actually a concern early on with the use of vs self-hosting, but practical pressures made the decision for us.


Huh, good to know, re: the zip file, thanks.

Also, closing suggestions. Thanks to everybody who suggested something! Gonna go list them out and roll a die now.

Okay, so, these were the suggestions:

  • The Last Girls’ School
  • Satin and Silk
  • Hard Luck Vampire
  • other thing
  • The Last Book You’ll Ever Write
  • The Understudy
  • record scratch - I bet you’re wondering how you got here
  • No Exit
  • Novum Instrumentum
  • Morning From Hell
  • Killer Robots
  • The Inborn Love of Beauty

which is 12, in total.

E: rolled a 4, which is other thing, but I can’t seem to find it in the zip file that’s hosted on the website @pinkunz - think I should reroll it?


Currently out at the moment. I can see that the submission was submitted 65 days ago, so it should be in the zip file. Let me get home and double check before you reroll.

Figured it out. See the discussion following this post in the discord.

@slugzuki 's two seeds are the one exception to the zip file. They uploaded them to and labeled them as seeds well in advance of the deadline, but forgot to actually “submit” them. Someone pointed out that they weren’t included, so we made a brief exception for them. @slugzuki 's two seeds should be the only exceptions to the zip file bit above.


Thanks for clearing that up!

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I think I made the mistake of downloading the seeds as they were submitted. Now that I check back on them, I see that some of the seeds were deleted, some were renamed and some may have been modified after I downloaded them. (I don’t know that for sure, but I’m not going to check them all, as I’ve decided on my seed.)

Although it was fun discussing the seeds as they were uploaded, I wonder if next year it would be better to keep the seeds secret until after the deadline. In that way, we don’t have all these ongoing changes to deal with and potential authors can analyse all the seeds at the same time before deciding on which ones to use. I know that I short-listed the seeds and started thinking about them long before the deadline. The late submissions were essentially ignored, as I’d already decided which one(s) to use.