Sugarcube2 help setting seconds in video

Hello, I have such a code:
video width=“320” height=“240” autoplay>
source src=“https :// p 4”>

and I want to show the 3rd and 7th seconds of this video, what kind of code should I write, thank you.

Like just a frame ? an animated 1s or the video between the 3rd and 7th second mark?

(you can put full code on the forum by pasting it in the preformatted text bloc - the </> button on the editor)

sorry my bad, between 3rd and 7th second
I don’t know how to write the code

Deep-linking a video from a third-party host in your game is rude to them (costs them bandwidth), not future-proof (due to potential link rot), and might be copyright infringement.

If you are allowed to use that video as part of your game (e.g. if it is under a CC-by license), you can just download it, copy the parts you need into a new video with any video editing software (there’s one that comes with Windows nowadays but I haven’t tried it yet), and include that with your game when you release it.

all right tank you.