SugarCube v2.35.0 has been published

SugarCube v2.35.0 has been published.

Downloads & documentation for all Twine/Twee compilers:

Changelog highlights:

  • Fixed issues with nested <svg> tags.
  • Fixed issues with comments within macro arguments.
  • Added the <<done>> macro. NOTE: This is functionally equivalent to Chapel’s macro of the same name, so if you’re using that you can, and should, remove it.
  • Updated <<numberbox>> to more reliably show a numeric keypad on mobile devices.
  • Updates to locale files:
    • Added ar-EG.js – العربية (مصر).
    • Added it-IT.js – Italiano (Italy).
    • Updated de.js – Deutsch.
  • Various documentation updates.
  • Various internal improvements.

Very nice! Thank you.


The done macro is a lifesaver!