SugarCube v2.34.1 has been published (updated)

SugarCube v2.34.1 has been published.

Downloads & documentation for all Twine/Twee compilers:

v2.34.1 Changelog highlights:

  • Fixed a regression in the behavior of the naked variable markup.

v2.34.0 Changelog highlights:

  • Fixed the <AudioRunner>.fadeIn() and <AudioRunner>.fadeOut() methods.
  • Fixed explicitly set undefined values within arrays being transformed into null when roundtripping through sessions/saves.
  • Fixed <<type>> to immediately start typing, after any start delay, rather than also waiting one typing speed delay.
  • Updated saves to support saving to disk on mobile devices, by default—see the Config.saves.tryDiskOnMobile setting if you wish to disable it.
  • Updated the naked variable markup and <<print>> family of macros to: include default conversions for DOM objects and better conversions for various edge cases values.
  • Updated the documentation—mostly a few minor edits here and there.
  • Updated bundled library: FileSaver.js to v2.0.4.
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